Melbourne City, Victoria, Australia
Senior @ University High School
STRAIGHT, feel free to ask away :)

Live life to the fullest, with no regrets.

-Clay (Caleb Wong)
1/2 Singaporean, 1/4 Korean and Malaysian

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Two years ‘gift-box’ for my lovely 🎁❤️

Two years anniversary with the love of my life. Thank you for absolutely everything darling, you are truly an amazing human being. I love you Acacia Lu ❤️❤️❤️
Wagyu & Soft-shell Crab
There are no badges on the entire car but the one on the inside - Ferrari F12 #730HP
Hypercars 💀#650S < #458
My Rexy looking jealous.. Taking off in McLaren 650s with the old man. ✈️
From another GALAXY 🌠 #rare
Ass lights 💡
My little beast, WRX 2015 🚗😍
OmNom 🍦
Matching is overrated 😹