Melbourne City, Victoria, Australia
Senior @ University High School
STRAIGHT, feel free to ask away :)

Live life to the fullest, with no regrets.

-Clay (Caleb Wong)
1/2 Singaporean, 1/4 Korean and Malaysian

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Blacked out wheels on bloody red calipers. 🚗 #paintjob
Love and cherish the treasures given in your lifetime. 👫 #20months
Where’s the danger at? 🚷😹
Ganging.. 👯 1985 Black/Red OG ‘Bred’ Air Jordan 1 ⚫️🔴
🏆❌INBA Southern Cross Championships 14’ Teenage and Junior Divisions - The last and final installment of this seasons competitions for my beginner year and topped off with a BANG 💣! It’s been an absolute thrill and I can’t wait to shine on stage once again next year! Hopefully with much better muscularity, need to grow.. 🙈 Thank you to absolutely everyone who supported me along the venturous journey ❤️
Latest and stealthiest weapon yet in the family. 🔫🔪 #RedBottom #ChristianLouboutin
🏁🚗 European season for red probation. ❤️🙈 #AudiTT
Thank you for the endless love and support through the thick and thin. ❤️💏
💪 ANB - Fitness Mania Model and Bodybuilding Championships
🏆 2nd place Winner of the Teenage Division (U19)
🏆 BEST posing routine Winner 

Returning back for my second show was no easy task.. The will to continue dieting down at the cost of sacrificing energy, growth, strength and mental cognition is never a great thing to do for any human body. The perseverance within kept burning the fire in me to get back up on stage and go for gold again (but fell short..)!

Thank you to Acacia Lu 💏, my parents 👪 and to ALL the people who have both supported me and or congratulated me on my initial victory and achievement as you have truly assisted my journey so much ❤️

One more week till the last show for the 2014 season! 🙏😼
My Y-3 Qasa Dilemma.. thanks yeezus 🙏 #Bestever #QasaRacer
Sunset by the star ☀️⭐️ (at Melbourne Star)
Claywong’s Molten Chocolate Fondon 🍫🍮 The macros to this secret dish are only 45 Protein, 10 Carbs and 5 fat! Rated G.A.F, it genuinely tastes amazing! Perfect for competition dieting 💪🏆
A Q U A T I C 🌊🐳 #Aqua8
Vincent van Gogh alongside the Bordeaux.
The dreams of getting on the fitness model cover are nearing! Dream big and follow your heart 💭❤! ️